Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Western Digital My Passport Essential External HD

Hello Everyone!!!

Yeah I know, I'm really sorry for being M.I.A. peace to all of you! ^_^ So Anyway, this will be a different blog post since it's not about beauty or fashion related. I would just like to share my new baby... My Western Digital (My Passport Essential) External Hard Drive in White! Isn't it gorgeous?!

(Top: Actual picture/ Bottom: Taken from Google ;p)

Item: WD My Passport Essential External HD 320gb
Regular Price: P3,375.00
Markdown Price: P2,920.00 (Yey! yey! Bought w/ my EGC. lol.)
Bought at: Electronics Boutique, Market! Market!

My initial goal was to buy an optical mouse because I accidentally bumped the Usb of my beloved retractable G-cube mouse into a wall (stupid wall! haha). I really tried my very best to fix it but sadly, it's really not working anymore! So anyway, I was hunting for a new mouse, then I  passed by a gadget store and saw an ipod touch 4th gen leather case for my Dad. My feet dragged me to the store (no not literally! :p) and I can't do anything to back out. I was hesitating to buy one because it's expensive (P1,090.00), but since it's for my Dad, I bought it -_-

After which, I went to Electronics Boutique to find a mouse I've been originally looking for. Unfortunately, I didn't find a small and cute one (I saw a G-cube but I don't want to buy from that brand anymore) instead, I saw WD external hard drives which I was lemming for a long time. I hesitated to buy before because I find the price expensive but seeing it's new marked-down price made me decide to buy. I was originally opting for a black one but unfortunately they don't have a stock anymore. So I just chose between metallic silver and white. And of course, the White won :)

I just need to buy the case for it so it will not get scratches. Yes, I am very protective of my gadgets :p

So that's it for now guys!
I promise to post another one
hopefully tomorrow :D

Hugs & Kisses,

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