Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Zoya Naturel Satins

Heya! It's been a while since I purchased a nail polish and posted a write-up (Lol! I know I got busy!). I missed you all! :(

Anyways, I have been eyeing the polish brand Zoya for a long time. Zoya claims that their nail polishes are long-wearing and toxin-free (organic) such that it is suitable even for pregnant women. Since organic nail polish is new to me, I got more intrigued and enticed to try it!

I checked out the website of the nail polish online store I am following in Instagram, polishplease, who sells Zoya nail polishes. Well not just Zoya but they have extensive nail polish brands that you will surely love!

I sighted their new arrival Zoya collection, the Naturel Satins. And oh boy, I got easily drawn and hit the purchase button immediately! I only got the minis though since I’ve never expended a regular bottle of nail polish (based on experience).

(L to R: Leah, Rowan, Tove, Brittany and Sage)

I was enticed by this collection because of its neutral shades! And according to Zoya, the formula is a hybrid between matte and glossy polishes and is not intended to be worn with a top coat.

I used natural lighting for all the photos. 

Suede Taupe Cream
Color Family - Nude
Intensity - Opaque
One Coat

Two Coats

Rowan, I can say is one of my favorites and most used in the collection. Application is effortless -- very smooth and creamy consistency!

Lavender Tinged Taupe Cream
Color Family - Nude
Intensity - Opaque (2 coats)
One Coat

Two Coats 

Leah is my also one of my favorites, second to Rowan. 

Rose Mauve Cream
Color Family - Pink
Intensity - Opaque (2 coats)
One Coat

Two Coats

Two coats are better. This color looks very feminine and it reminds me of cotton candy! :p
Brittany can be streaky on 1 coat. Application is not that easy though I think the color is nice.
Misty Slate Grey Cream
Color Family - Blue
Intensity - Opaque
 One Coat

Already opaque in 1 coat.

Two Coats

 Very Opaque/thick in 2 coats.

Tove is very easy to apply and has one of the creamiest consistency.
It looks gray for me.

Mossy sage green cream
Color Family - Green
Finish - Satin
Intensity - Opaque (if 2 coats) 

One coat
Different Angle - One Coat

Two Coats

This color is kinda tricky. First swatch goes sheer/watery then goes very opaque on second application. Sage also applies smoothly.

The finish of these polishes is satin (in between matte and glossy). Though some might think that it's odd. However, for me I like it as I am not quite into glossy/frosted finish.

Be also mindful in applying if you do not intend to put any top coat as this might get a bit streaky even though consistency is creamy (you can opt to put a top coat if you like).

Easiest/Smoothest to apply:
- Rowan, Tove & Sage

Creamiest consistency:
- Rowan & Tove

- Brittany

My Favorites:
Rowan, Leah & Tove

Nonetheless, colors are very pretty, has creamy consistency and formula is quick drying [which I really love!]. It dries in about 2-3 minutes.

Packaging wise, I can say that it is sturdy as the glass is very thick and it is also frosted. Not sure what are the benefits of a frosted glass but, I like the look of it! It has a good quality brush applicator. I did not have any difficulty applying the polish.

Packaging - 5.0 / 5.0
Colors - 4.0 / 5.0
Brush - 5.0 / 5.0
Application - 4.5 / 5.0
Price - 3.5/ 5.0
Staying power - 4.0/ 5.0 

Regular bottle -  Php400.00/ea
Mini bottle -  Php250.00/ea

Purchased at: [Instagram: @polishplease_ph]

Retail Store
Props Tools & Cosmetics
2/F Fashion Village, Tiendesitas
Pasig City, Metro Manila, PH