Saturday, January 8, 2011

U.S. Loots - Nail Polish, Bags and Ipod Dock

At last! After two months, my aunt and cousin are back from the states! I was so excited for the things that they bought for me *wink. They bought Nail Polishes (yes I am a nail polish addict), Bags (again, my sister and I are bagaholics), and a JBL ipod dock (love love love music!).

Let us start on the Nail Polishes. My Aunt bought me Sally Hansen's because she saw me using this brand before. I really love the colors she has chosen, a mix of pastels and darks. These are on sale! But unfortunately I cannot recall the prices, but they're on sale. ;P

(Photo above: Sally Hansen Salon, No Chip, Maximum Growth & Hard as Nails)

(Photo Above: Sally Hansen No Chip #13 Potent Pink - barbie pink)
(Photo Above: Sally Hansen No Chip #17 Endless Night - dark maroon)

(Photo Above: Sally Hansen Salon Berry Sweet)

 (Photo Above: Sally Hansen Salon Hearts on fire
the picture i took didn't capture its true color so i took one from google, fail. lol.)

(Photo Above: Sally Hansen Salon Black To You)

 (Photo Above: Mangoes Loco - another pic taken from google, fail again lol.)

(Photo Above: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth #08 Vanilla Whimsy)

(Photo Above: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #11 Lavender Envy)

(Photo Above: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #09 Cotton Candy)

 (Photo Above: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #26 Peach Daiquiri)

Let's proceed to the gorgeous sale bags that were also brought by my cousin in the States.

 (Above: Michael Kors Tote Bag at $120)

 (Above: Nine West Crocodile Leather Tote Bag)

(Above: JBL On Stage III at $66)

So there you go,
currently loving all these things!


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