Monday, September 27, 2010

YSL inspired manicure

Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted a nail polish blog.  So here I am excited to share one! 

As I was browsing the net for different brands of nail polishes, I've stumbled upon this very adorable, simple yet elegant Fall Nail Polish Trend from YSL.

 (YSL Nail polish Fall trend)

As what I know, the price of a YSL nail polish is about 1,250 php. Well, I do want to have one for sure (if it will be given to me as a gift, lol.!) but I think it is really expensive for just one nail polish. 

Because I was exhilarated with this photos, I have created my own YSL-inspired manicure art which is really easy to make.
(My own YSL-inspired manicure)

For this manicure, I used:
  1. Caronia nail hardener & base coat
  2. O.P.I. Russian Navy
  3. L.A. Colors NP 175 silver glitter
  4. Caronia fast-dry top coat
First, I applied Caronia's base coat. It is necessary to put one for promoting healthier nails, and ensuring easier application. After which, I coated the O.P.I. Russian navy twice. Wait for it to dry before applying L.A. Colors silver glitter as a french tip. Lastly, apply Caronia's fast-dry top coat. It is important to use a top coat to protect your manicure from scratches, dings, and chip and it make the nails appear shinier and glossier.

So that's it, fast and easy!


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  1. Wow, I think I like yours even more than the first picture!

  2. @A&C- thank you! I was really inspired with that YSL manicure. :)