Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Favorite Lipsticks

Hello ladies! At last another blog post! It was actually a year before I get to post a new one. Yes I know it has been a long time :) I have bought and used many products during the past year. Some of those products were already used up but I will really try my best to catch up by posting it and reviewing some of them.

In this post I will be showing you my favorite lippies! In my past blog posts, you can always see nail polishes in it and never or if there are any, just few lip products. Why? Because I am not really a "lipstick" person and I don't wear lipstick everyday. I just wear a lipstick if I am not lazy and if there are occasions that I need or will attend.

There was a time that I got addicted to lipsticks, I can't remember where I got the addiction but my favorite brands back then were Chanel and MAC lipsticks. I actually liked Tom Ford and YSL but they are not available here in Manila. Some of those are results of impulsive buying that was why after a few swipes I realized that some of it really didn't have an appeal on me or it didn't suit my skin tone. Let's get started!

Let us start with Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle 05

Mademoiselle is a medium pink with a brown undertone to it. This lipstick does not have any shimmer but just a very slight sheen on it. It is very pigmented and it applies smoothly and richly on lips. I can say that it is also lightweight when wearing it. It doesn't bleed and can last up to 4 hours.

The sales lady in Rustan's also told me that this is one of Chanel's best seller, which I have also researched before I bought one. In my opinion, this shade will suit any skin tone. This color will pop more to those who have fair skin complexions.

I cannot remember the price of this but I think I bought this for Php1,450 in a trusted online shop.

Next in my favorites is the MAC Lustre in Lovelorn

Lovelorn is a sheer blue-based pink lipstick that has a glossy sheen. It is not heavy nor opaque, instead they give a slick of shiny, glossy color that works alongside the color of your lips. It is very easy to apply, it glides smoothly on my lips. This also doesn't need any lip liner as it can be a wonderful everyday lipstick. It lasts for about 2-3 hours on me depending on if I am eating or drinking.

I can say that this suits most skin tones. I bought this for Php1,000 in MAC at Rustan's Makati.

Next is the MAC Satin in Pink Nouveau (I can't find mine right now so I posted a photo of Emma Stone wearing it. Lol.)

Pink Nouveau is one of MAC's best-seller in lipsticks. It is a cool-toned, blue-based light-medium pink. For me, it is more of a barbie pink or a cotton candy pink. It has opaque color coverage and a creamy finish with a noticeable shine. It has a satin finish. I was really never into popping pink shades but I was curious if this will look good on me that's why I bought this.

At first, I thought it will just look good on mestizas because they will look more barbie-ish. When I applied it, I have a dilemma of using this in a long time because of that serious shocking pink. But in time, I was able to use this in events or parties that I attend. Nevertheless, it became my favorite as well but just when there are occasions. :)

I bought this for Php1,000 in MAC at Rustan's Makati.

The next in my favorites is the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Montecarlo 62

Montecarlo is really one of my favorite Chanel lipsticks ever. It is a semi-sheer pinky red with a subtle pink shimmer on it. It is very lightweight and has a high shine and moisturizing formula. This applies smoothly and evenly, like a lip balm. It lasts a little bit shorter on my lips but definitely can be an everyday lipstick (though it's expensive to be an everyday one!). I can recommend this to ladies who likes watermelon-ish shades, or those who likes subtle red and pink shades. 

I bought this at Rustan's Makati for Php1,650

For Reds, one of my favorites is MAC Russian Red

Russian Red is one of MAC's top seller in lipsticks. It is a medium-dark red with neutral undertones which means it suits any skintones. It has a matte finish. This lipstick wears around six hours on me and will definitely stain. Though I have a hard time swiping this on my lips as it is really matte.

Since my lips are prone to drying and flaking, I don't use much of matte lipsticks. I wear this only if I have parties to attend. But this color really looks great especially for those who have fair skin complexions. This is my pin-up girl type of lipstick and if I am too lazy to put on make up, I just swipe this on my lips and voila! I look elegant and glamour-ish!

The other Red that I have on my stash is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante 38

La Fascinante is a matte blue-based red lipstick. Personally I love La Fascinante and I think it's a great red lipstick to invest in. The one I bought is the reformulated Rouge Allure Velvet. It's not very drying anymore and I can already feel that it's moisturizing my lips. It is also not difficult to swipe on your lips.

If I can remember well, my sister bought this for me in Singapore so I am not sure how much it is here.

Last but not the least is Sephora's Color Lip Last in Wanted Red 20

Wanted Red is a high-coverage pigmented matte dark red lipstick. It's texture is ultra-thin, feels light and smudge-proof. It actually stains on your lips if you remove it (nice isn't it?!). It is surprisingly very easy and smooth to apply knowing that it's a matte lipstick! It also has a candy-like smell. I stopped myself from almost eating it!!! haha! Kidding :)

This was a "pasalubong" of my boss from the US and I instantly fell in love with it with just a swipe! It actually beats my MAC Russian Red in terms of application. I would like to try other colors as well. I can describe this as a cabaret red lipstick! Highly recommended!

P.S. It is recommended to use a lip brush for the Red lipsticks so that you can have a perfect application. 

So there you go, these are my current favorite lipsticks. This list can change in time though :)

How about you? Have you tried any of the said lipsticks? Let me know your opinions about these gorgeous lippies!


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