Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Best Make-up Remover for Stubborn Make-up

Ever worry on how to remove stubborn make up after a party or an event?

Let me share with you my current favorite make up remover for stubborn make ups and routine before going to bed :)

POND'S Perfect Care Cold Cream Deep Cleanser

Pond's perfect care cold cream was the best makeup remover I have ever discovered! My sister used to bring home packages from her office including other products of the company she is in and Pond's products are one of those. I cannot remember how I started using this but because I have a curious mind, I tried this one time to remove my make up and I loved it!

Price: Free
Consistency: This is a basic cream but when applied on face, it gets oily.
Pros: It removes stubborn makeup

Cons: Oily when applied but you can always remove it with tissue and wash it off. My skin didn't get oily at all after.

Here's my routine in removing makeup using Pond's perfect care cold cream:

I applied black eyeshadow heavily all over my lids and crease to better test the product
As what the label reads, "apply pea-sized amounts" on your forehead, cheeks and chin.
Spread and massage gently over your face and neck.

I use cotton for sensitive parts of my face like my eyes :)

right eye makeup removed!
a pea-size amount on your forehead...
On your cheeks and massage all over your face
Remove it all with a tissue
Tried it also on my lips
Yes, I know it's gross! 
Voila! All stubborn makeup removed instantly!
After which, I wash my face with Cetaphil and put my Kiehl's moisturizer before sleeping
Have you tried using POND'S Perfect Care Cold Cream Deep Cleanser too?
Let me know your thoughts by writing a comment below!
Or let me know if you have other holy grail makeup remover!

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