Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Western Digital My Passport Essential External HD

Hello Everyone!!!

Yeah I know, I'm really sorry for being M.I.A. peace to all of you! ^_^ So Anyway, this will be a different blog post since it's not about beauty or fashion related. I would just like to share my new baby... My Western Digital (My Passport Essential) External Hard Drive in White! Isn't it gorgeous?!

(Top: Actual picture/ Bottom: Taken from Google ;p)

Item: WD My Passport Essential External HD 320gb
Regular Price: P3,375.00
Markdown Price: P2,920.00 (Yey! yey! Bought w/ my EGC. lol.)
Bought at: Electronics Boutique, Market! Market!

My initial goal was to buy an optical mouse because I accidentally bumped the Usb of my beloved retractable G-cube mouse into a wall (stupid wall! haha). I really tried my very best to fix it but sadly, it's really not working anymore! So anyway, I was hunting for a new mouse, then I  passed by a gadget store and saw an ipod touch 4th gen leather case for my Dad. My feet dragged me to the store (no not literally! :p) and I can't do anything to back out. I was hesitating to buy one because it's expensive (P1,090.00), but since it's for my Dad, I bought it -_-

After which, I went to Electronics Boutique to find a mouse I've been originally looking for. Unfortunately, I didn't find a small and cute one (I saw a G-cube but I don't want to buy from that brand anymore) instead, I saw WD external hard drives which I was lemming for a long time. I hesitated to buy before because I find the price expensive but seeing it's new marked-down price made me decide to buy. I was originally opting for a black one but unfortunately they don't have a stock anymore. So I just chose between metallic silver and white. And of course, the White won :)

I just need to buy the case for it so it will not get scratches. Yes, I am very protective of my gadgets :p

So that's it for now guys!
I promise to post another one
hopefully tomorrow :D

Hugs & Kisses,

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Monday, September 27, 2010

YSL inspired manicure

Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted a nail polish blog.  So here I am excited to share one! 

As I was browsing the net for different brands of nail polishes, I've stumbled upon this very adorable, simple yet elegant Fall Nail Polish Trend from YSL.

 (YSL Nail polish Fall trend)

As what I know, the price of a YSL nail polish is about 1,250 php. Well, I do want to have one for sure (if it will be given to me as a gift, lol.!) but I think it is really expensive for just one nail polish. 

Because I was exhilarated with this photos, I have created my own YSL-inspired manicure art which is really easy to make.
(My own YSL-inspired manicure)

For this manicure, I used:
  1. Caronia nail hardener & base coat
  2. O.P.I. Russian Navy
  3. L.A. Colors NP 175 silver glitter
  4. Caronia fast-dry top coat
First, I applied Caronia's base coat. It is necessary to put one for promoting healthier nails, and ensuring easier application. After which, I coated the O.P.I. Russian navy twice. Wait for it to dry before applying L.A. Colors silver glitter as a french tip. Lastly, apply Caronia's fast-dry top coat. It is important to use a top coat to protect your manicure from scratches, dings, and chip and it make the nails appear shinier and glossier.

So that's it, fast and easy!


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My first ever pair of Stella Luna

Hello my beautiful Ladies!

I went at Megatent outlet sale last sunday, September 26th and guess what I got??? A pair of Stella Luna pumps!!! And the good thing is that I just bought it for 1,999 php, isn't that a good deal?! (Yes, I am excited to share this one lol.) The original price was 4,950 php and it dropped to more than half of its original price. I also love their elegant shoebox design! A simple white box which read: How to marry a millionaire.

(Stella Luna w/ its shoebox)

(Front view)

There are a lot of Stella Luna shoes to choose from, but the thing is most of them have really high heels, which is Stella Luna is famous for. I really adore their pumps since I've known the brand, but their shoes are too expensive, well for me. So when I stumbled upon their booth at the megatent outlet sale, I was really shocked that their shoe prices are more than half of its original prices! By the way, the shoes there are Stella Luna's previous styles which are currently not sold anymore at their stores (which is I like since most of their previous styles are their gorgeous pumps!)

The Sale ended at the day I went there, so I wonder on what event the sellers of Stella Luna at the megatent goes next so that I can share it to my fellow shoesaholics. Hmm...

Have you gone to the megatent outlet sale as well?
I would love to know your experience and what items you bought!
Til' next time girls! 


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Shopping! (Mega trade hall, Payless shoe source and Forever 21)

 What's up girls?

After gazillion years, I'm posting a blog again! lol. Oh well, I admit I've been busy lately and a bit lazy to post a new blog (sorry for that, no inspiration or exciting things to share that time!). Alright let's start this exciting shopping experience!

I think about last week, I saw at a newspaper that there will be a mega shoes and bags sale at SM Megamall's mega trade hall (crocs, cole haan, ipanema, nike, adidas, gola, samsonite, delsey, etc.), August 26-30, 2010. I was lemming on a pair of crocs wedge then that I've seen on their store.  It's too expensive though (2,800+k) so I was hoping that it will be included on the crocs' sale. So yesterday, my sister, mom and me went to SM Megamall to shop.

We arrived there at exactly 10am, so the parking was really not crowded yet. First, I went straight to crocs to see if the wedge I've been lemming for is there.

Unfortunately, it's not included on the sale items! The Sale items were a bit outdated. I think you cannot see those on their store already. There were cute crocs for kids on sale though.

After the disappointment, I searched right away for the ipanema items. People were racing to get as much ipanema items they can! The Ipanema thong slippers ranged from 400php to 500php while the sandals (gisele bundchen collection) were about 650php to 800php. I just bought one though because I will still buy a rubber shoes.

(Ipanema and Grendha on sale, up to 50% off)

(Cute Ipanema Slippers that I bought)

The last thing I bought was a rubber shoes for running since the sole of my current one is already ripped. I was choosing between the white nike rubber shoes or the black adidas.

(On left: black Adidas Right: white Nike rubber shoes)

I decided to buy the black Adidas for 2,446 pesos. It looks big in the picture but it's not, I promise! It looks spiderman-ish though! Actually, I often wear rubber shoes. I prefer wearing slippers and sandals so that my feet can breathe! I just bought this for fun runs and for jogging purposes. ;)

After shopping at the mega trade hall, we decided to eat first because it's lunch already and our stomachs were rumbling like nuts!

We went straight to Payless shoe source after that. The store just had their opening last August 27, 2010. The shoes are so nice yet affordable! What I like about their store is that the shoes are organized by size!

(On left: Kid's section; Right: Women's section)

(Left: socks and scarves Right: Accessories)

I love their line of flat shoes! They are sooooo cute! I bought a black flat shoes with a knot in the middle. I also saw a yellow striped flat shoes with a flower in the middle but unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it (it's a bit crowded inside the store!).

 (Lower East Side black flat shoes - 995php)

Next stop, Forever21. The store is soooo BIG and unfortunately VERY crowded! My friend told me that It's always crowded there every weekend (so maybe I'll probably go back on a weekday??). The items they are selling are all gorgeous and cute! The only problem is that, because the store is so huge, I haven't had the chance to go around and check each of the enormous collections of clothes. These are some pictures of clothes and accessories.



I know, pictures are too many. lol. So there you go! This was a tiring but fulfilling experience. My advice, go to SM Megamall at exactly 10am (which is the mall's opening) so that you can avoid the traffic and you can park easily.

Have you also gone to the mega trade sale?
How about Payless shoe source?
Or Forever21?

I would love to know your experience!


April =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Top Favorite Drinks

Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

Yes I know, this would be a different blog post. Well, I have already told you that I really love eating! I have eaten in almost all of Serendra, Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt Restaurants for the love of food. I like trying out different kinds of food, thai, persian, american, european, italian, korean, chinese, japanese etc. But this blog post would be more of  "top favorite drinks". So let's get started!

 Bubba Gump's Strawberry Speckled Lemonade
(picture from letsgosago.net)

What: This is a refreshing beverage which is basically a lemonade drink showered with hints of strawberry flavors and textured by the crushed fruit and its small seeds. It is so good! =)
Price: P125.00 per glass - it is a big glass, so better not worry if this will be enough until the last bite of your meal.

Italianni's Fresh Grapes Shake

What: This is also a refreshing beverage which is made of shaken fresh Grapes and crushed ice! If only I can order a pitcher of this! I think it is not available in pitcher though.
Price: P140 per glass - the glass is not that wide but it's tall. I don't know, but it's just exact for me.

Fish&Co.'s Big fish drink in Pineapple Lychee (can't remember the name)
(left side; taken from:eiko-chan.blogspot.com)

What: It is a Pineapple Lychee thirst quencher served in gigantic mugs (or I must say pitcher?!). I really love the combination of this two fruits, it is so good!!! I can finish the whole mug!
Price: Uhmm.. Can't remember. sorry!

So well, that's it! I had a hard time finding those pictures! lol! You better try these thirst quenching drinks, I know that you will also love it!

Have you also tried these drinks?
I would looovvee to know your  comments!


Con Air Breast Cancer Awareness 1" mini hair straightener

Heya Ladies!

This is an overdue blog post again, ugh. My apologies, I was just a bit busy with work. So let's get started. I just bought Con Air's Breast Cancer Awareness 1" mini straightener last month at target.com through purse&co. They are multiply online sellers who are accepting orders from any store in US. Actually, they are selling the mini straighteners of Con Air which is the .5" one but then when I saw it at one bazaar (in which they are a part of it), I thought it was really very small that it will not be able to straight or curl my thick hair! Then I was browsing at target.com and saw there a 1" Con Air straightener, I asked if they accept orders from US stores and they said yes. So I immediately pre-ordered the said straightener. So after I received my package from them and used the straightener, here's what I have to say:

(conair 1" mini straightener)

Product Name: Con Air Breast Awareness 1" mini straightener
Purchased from: Target.com via purse&co.
Price: P1,300 (includes shipping and purse&co fee)

Product Claims:
- Ceramic plates glides across hair easily, distributing heat evenly for silky smooth, professional results.
- Uniform heat recovery system automatically restores plate temperatures to the optimum level for consistent styling results.
- Professional high heat temperatures deliver salon results
- 30-second instant heat-up
- Worldwide dual voltage
- Cool tip, Auto Off
- Professional swivel line cord
- Limited two year warranty

Oh Yes!
*30 variable temperature settings - you can either turn the setting to 30 for those who have a very resistant hair or 1 for those who have a delicate, thin, easy to straighten hair.
*Power ON/OFF touchpad button w/ led indicator - it has a 30-second heat up and you will know if it's ready if the green light becomes stable or is not blinking anymore.
*Cool tip - you will not be burnt when you accidentally touched the tip of the flat iron because of it's cool tip.
*Professional Swivel Line cord - I really love it's cord because when I was using my previous flat iron, the  straight cord gets tangled up while I am straightening or curling my hair!

Oh No!
*it's made of low quality plastic - I guess if I unexpectedly dropped it, it will break easily!
*ceramic-coated plates - it doesn't really goes on that smooth when straightening or curling my hair but it's pretty okay.

Will I re-purchase it? 
Oh well, I still want to buy a professional hair straightener. But this is good enough for beginners. =)

Note: From the purchase of this straightener, $1.00 is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Conair.

How about you?
Have you also purchased this straightener?
I would love to know your thoughts. =*

Til next time ladies! xoxo =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer Spf 20

Heya Beautiful Ladies!

Just yesterday, I have decided to buy Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer which I was eyeing for a long time! Back then, when I bought my clinique face powder at rustan's makati, I also checked out Laura Mercier's to ask the price of their best selling tinted moisturizer. I don't know if I heard the sales lady wrong, but I heard she said that it's 800php. So I was really surprised because I thought it was 2k plus since it costs 42usd at Laura Mercier's us website.

So when I got back yesterday (since it was payday last friday), I went to Laura Mercier's at rustan's makati and asked the price again since I am really decided to buy it (well, i thought it was just 800php!!!). Then when I got there, I've found out that it's real price is P1,850.00 (holy cow! That sales lady is dead to me!!! Or maybe I was just deaf?!). Anyway, since I really wanted to try it, I ended up buying it. So here's a quick review of it.

(Classy packaging)

 (My Shade: Nude)

 (do you see that?! It evens out my skintone!)

 Product Name: Laura Mercier's Oil-free tinted moisturizer spf20
Shade: Nude
Other shades: Porcelain, Bisque, Sand, Fawn, Tan and Almond
Weight: 50mL
Purchased from: Laura Mercier, rustan's makati
Current Price: P1,850.00

Product Description:
Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer is a sheer, lightweight, buildable foundation that can be worn by all skin types but especially those with acne prone, sensitive or oily skin.
In Style Best Beauty Buy - Best Tinted Moisturizer - April 2008

*evens-out skintone
*mistake proof application
*it makes my face looks really smooth
*long wearing (my face didn't get oily the whole day)
*not greasy
*with spf20
*classy-looking packaging

*expensive for everyday use!

My Verdict:
I am so in-love with this product so I highly recommend this one even for asians like me! It makes my skin looks smooth and it evens out my skintone (since I have spider veins on my face). It also has an spf20 for those who are always exposed to the rays of sun. It's kinda expensive but it's definitely worth buying! =D

So for bloggers who are already using this product,
please let me know your feedback!
Til next time, bye for now!!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Clinique's Superpowder Double Facepowder

Heya Gorgeous Ladies!

Yes i know, i'm such an indolent blogger! Pardon me for the review's delay, I just had a busy week of work. So let's get to the business!

So here's my quick review:

Product Name: Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder
Shade: Natural
Purchased from: Rustan's Makati
Current price: P1,700.00

The Packaging:

Light green, square compact that flips open via a silver button to the front of it that has Clinique inscribed into it. Open the compact up and to the top of it you have a large good quality square mirror and to the bottom of it the powder compact is large, round and pressed with a sponge applicator. I really liked this grown up looking compact and liked the marble effect it has to it, giving it a nice classy look.

*silky powder
*goes on smooth
*good coverage
*light weight
*doesn't clog the skin

*not as longwearing for oily skins (i need to re-apply it 3 times)
*maybe a little pricey?

-I will recommend this product if you're just looking for a normal powder with a bit good coverage.

Product rating: 3.5/5

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Clinique's Superpowder Double Face Powder

Hello gorgeous ladies!!!

Last Saturday night, I was browsing the internet searching for a good face powder/ foundation. Before, I was thinking of buying MAC's studio fix powder/foundation but I read reviews that it gets a little cakey overtime on face. So I tried to search for clinique products and I found this "almost powder makeup spf15". After reading a lot of reviews, I definitely am sure to buy this product!

A while ago, I was in rustan's to check-out if they sell this product (since I found it in US website of clinique). But then the sales lady said that it is not available here and we only have its counterpart which is the Perfectly Real Compact Makeup which I found out my sister is using. lol.

 Perfectly Real Compact MakeupMore than minerals. Skin looks, acts happier. Long-wear formula helps keep pores out of trouble. Antioxidants and SPF protect skin. This natural, perfecting “no-makeup” makeup is so lightweight, you’ll never even feel it. So foolproof, you can apply it with a sponge, a brush-and almost with your eyes closed.
SRP: 2,500 php

But when I asked the price, oh my it's too expensive!!! So I said I'll buy the other one which is the Superpowder Double Face Powder.

Superpowder Double Face Powder -- Powder and foundation combined in one portable compact. Long-wearing, full-coverage powder works as an over-foundation finisher or as a powder foundation. Extra-cling formula for double coverage.
SRP: 1,700 php

So I hope my money's worth buying this powder-foundation. I'll be posting a review soon! Til next time ladies, good bye for now! xoxo =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Sale at the Grove Rockwell

Hello Gorgeous Bloggers!

It' been a while since I've posted a blog! Ugh, I was a bit busy with work though. (Or maybe I just got lazy?!) Anyway, let's start this blog.

Last friday while at work, my friend/officemate ate mitch suddenly messaged me on ym informing about what she saw while blog hopping. It was the super sale event at the grove! So she ask me right away if I can accompany her to the said event and of course I agreed!  It was like a bazaar or what we call "tiangge" selling variety products. Some of the multiply online sellers we know were also present. It was around 8pm when we got there, entrance fee was 50 pesos inclusive of a pink shopping bag and a drink stub.

There were a lot of fashion clothes, accessories and beauty products stalls on the event. Some stalls are inside the air-conditioned place and others are outside suffering the scorching humidity. Ate mitch is a huge fan of organic products that's why when she saw the V&M stall that sells organic goods, we hurriedly went there. She ended up buying a kojic soap while mine's a scar treatment product (it is made of calamsi, papaya extracts and another ingredient i can't remember, lol). As of now, i'm still using it and will soon write a review about it.

(left: air-conditioned part; right: outer part)

After buying some organic products, we searched for the stall of dollface cosmetics to check out their eyeshadow palettes. Actually, I already have one of their palettes which I bought online. Ate mitch was the one who's very excited since she still doesn't have an eyeshadow palette on her make-up collection. So she ended up buying the 88 warm eyeshadow palette.
(doll face cosmetics' eyeshadow and blush palettes)

After buying her eyeshadow palette, it's now my turn to buy the cute bag which I saw upon entering the place. It's a nude medium sized bag with a black leatherette and gold chain handle.

 (nude chained bag, 700 pesos)

During the event and while checking out some fashionable clothes, we saw the diosa Anne Curtis-Smith shopping all by herself!!! She is so gorgeous even without make-up! Of course, I went right away to her and said "Hi". I also ask if I can take picture with her and she kindly agreed! She was really very nice!!! Here's our photo.

(left: gosh! I think i'm fat?! hahaha. right: Anne Curtis)

There you go! This event was for the benefit of  K.I.D.S. foundation. Until my next blog post! Byeeee!!!