Sunday, May 30, 2010

Clinique's Superpowder Double Face Powder

Hello gorgeous ladies!!!

Last Saturday night, I was browsing the internet searching for a good face powder/ foundation. Before, I was thinking of buying MAC's studio fix powder/foundation but I read reviews that it gets a little cakey overtime on face. So I tried to search for clinique products and I found this "almost powder makeup spf15". After reading a lot of reviews, I definitely am sure to buy this product!

A while ago, I was in rustan's to check-out if they sell this product (since I found it in US website of clinique). But then the sales lady said that it is not available here and we only have its counterpart which is the Perfectly Real Compact Makeup which I found out my sister is using. lol.

 Perfectly Real Compact MakeupMore than minerals. Skin looks, acts happier. Long-wear formula helps keep pores out of trouble. Antioxidants and SPF protect skin. This natural, perfecting “no-makeup” makeup is so lightweight, you’ll never even feel it. So foolproof, you can apply it with a sponge, a brush-and almost with your eyes closed.
SRP: 2,500 php

But when I asked the price, oh my it's too expensive!!! So I said I'll buy the other one which is the Superpowder Double Face Powder.

Superpowder Double Face Powder -- Powder and foundation combined in one portable compact. Long-wearing, full-coverage powder works as an over-foundation finisher or as a powder foundation. Extra-cling formula for double coverage.
SRP: 1,700 php

So I hope my money's worth buying this powder-foundation. I'll be posting a review soon! Til next time ladies, good bye for now! xoxo =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Sale at the Grove Rockwell

Hello Gorgeous Bloggers!

It' been a while since I've posted a blog! Ugh, I was a bit busy with work though. (Or maybe I just got lazy?!) Anyway, let's start this blog.

Last friday while at work, my friend/officemate ate mitch suddenly messaged me on ym informing about what she saw while blog hopping. It was the super sale event at the grove! So she ask me right away if I can accompany her to the said event and of course I agreed!  It was like a bazaar or what we call "tiangge" selling variety products. Some of the multiply online sellers we know were also present. It was around 8pm when we got there, entrance fee was 50 pesos inclusive of a pink shopping bag and a drink stub.

There were a lot of fashion clothes, accessories and beauty products stalls on the event. Some stalls are inside the air-conditioned place and others are outside suffering the scorching humidity. Ate mitch is a huge fan of organic products that's why when she saw the V&M stall that sells organic goods, we hurriedly went there. She ended up buying a kojic soap while mine's a scar treatment product (it is made of calamsi, papaya extracts and another ingredient i can't remember, lol). As of now, i'm still using it and will soon write a review about it.

(left: air-conditioned part; right: outer part)

After buying some organic products, we searched for the stall of dollface cosmetics to check out their eyeshadow palettes. Actually, I already have one of their palettes which I bought online. Ate mitch was the one who's very excited since she still doesn't have an eyeshadow palette on her make-up collection. So she ended up buying the 88 warm eyeshadow palette.
(doll face cosmetics' eyeshadow and blush palettes)

After buying her eyeshadow palette, it's now my turn to buy the cute bag which I saw upon entering the place. It's a nude medium sized bag with a black leatherette and gold chain handle.

 (nude chained bag, 700 pesos)

During the event and while checking out some fashionable clothes, we saw the diosa Anne Curtis-Smith shopping all by herself!!! She is so gorgeous even without make-up! Of course, I went right away to her and said "Hi". I also ask if I can take picture with her and she kindly agreed! She was really very nice!!! Here's our photo.

(left: gosh! I think i'm fat?! hahaha. right: Anne Curtis)

There you go! This event was for the benefit of  K.I.D.S. foundation. Until my next blog post! Byeeee!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nyx products

I just have received my package from Vanitygirl’s shop this morning containing these 2 nyx products which I ordered from her (Vanitygirl). I was so excited that I opened it immediately and tried the products on! I first tried the sweetheart lipgloss. It is not sticky on my lips and the color is so nice — pale pink, but don’t worry because it is not that pale, promise. It will look best for those who have fair skin complexion.


Another nyx item I bought is the peach powder blush. The case is a bit small but I think it will last long because it is very pigmented. A few swipes and you’re ready to go! The texture of the powder blush is very very fine and smooth, I can compare it to a velvet fabric! And the color is so nice, it’s just like your cheeks were pinched. I bought this because of marlena of makeupgeek since it is her favorite blush product.

I am very glad that I bought these products because I the quality is really great. I so lurrvveee Nyx cosmetics!