Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bead Shops

Last Thursday, October 29, 2009, My mom and I went to Divisoria to buy beading materials for my online business. We arrived there at around 12pm and ate first before harassing ourselves in the crowded divisoria. Surprisingly, it was not that crowded, maybe because it was weekday and It's not that hot that day, it was sunny but it's windy so it's okay, I didn't get sweaty and sticky. We went first to 168 mall, actually we really don't know if there are shops there selling beading materials. Unfortunately, there's just one shop there that sell seed beads but it's really expensive like 3 pesos per pearl bead! The seller told us that what they are selling are swarovski crystals that's why it is expensive. Anyway, at first I didn't understood the pricing, I have already bought it when I understood the pricing, argh! I bought 150 pieces of pearls, so that is 450 pesos, effing s! After that we ask some sellers there on where they get their beading materials, i just did a little chikahan with the filipino seller, then she spilled-out the place on where they are getting their materials! Hah!

She said "ah, doon sa may ilalim ng KP Tower kami kumukuha ng mga beads" after that we headed straight to that tower. At first, the place was really dull, as in like, where's the beading shop here?! And then we kept walking then there it is! Actually, I really don't know what to buy, I just trusted my instincts. After a half-day walking and searching for beading shops, we decided to go home. We rode the new train of PNR (their trains before was really "bulok" but it was rehabilitated so the trains now are air conditioned and brand new!), it was very very slow, we were like just touring! but we made it home at around 6pm. We were not that very tired and it was really nice to go to divisoria on weekdays!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally got a job!

Wheew! after 2 months of waiting and applying, finally i got a job! It was really hard to find jobs today because of the global financial crisis! I hate it! Anyway, this is my first job so let's see what's gonna happen haha! I hope that people there will be nice to me because it is really not hard to become friends with me (with my personality?! ahaha!). I am very glad I am not a tambay anymore, it is excruciating to go on interviews but it's worth it. I am going to start next monday, tight schedule 7:30am-6pm! Really thank God, he blessed me! :D xoxo!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pussycat Dolls live in Manila (late post) June 11, 2009

wuhooo!!! It was a lucky day!!! The Pcd's concert in Mall Of Asia grounds was really amazing!!! They're incredibly hot and sexy with their great voices and clothes! I think I have a tendency to be a lesbian already! haha.. great slim bodies! They are also ultimate performers! It is really hard to sing while dancing. And they did a great job ^_^

In fairness even though i just have a Gold ticket it is a little close to the stage unlike on the arrangement of the David A & C concert it was really far from the stage. Actually I lose hope for the free tickets because my sister said that all of her CLEAR (unilever) friends had given their tickets to their relatives! But a while ago I had an interview from a company - 2pm. Then after the pre-employment tests and the interview my sister suddenly called me to tell that the sister of her office mate cannot come to the concert and she has 2 Gold tickets. I was really shocked because the concert will start on that day at 8pm! So me and my dad went to manila to get the tickets from the sister of her office mate then we went straight to mall of Asia grounds. It was really crazy because I was wearing a corporate attire because of the interview!!! Then I called my best friend Nica to tell her that I have free tickets 'cause she's the first person that I had promised to bring to the pcd's concert, so I called her, she was still at office . I told her to meet me in moa.

I arrived first at Moa and was so hungry then, so I went to fish & company to eat. Luckily, beside my table eating were chico and delamar!!! (popular DJs of the radio station rx93.1). At first I was hesitant to say hi to them because they were still talking to each other tand I don;t know what to say, I was star strucked! Then I told myself I can do this! And then I asked "You're chico and delamar right?" they said yes then I said "I always listen to your morning show! I am your avid fan!" hahaha that was pretty nice. Then I texted my sister to tell her that chico and delamar are eating next to my table. She suddenly called me up because she wants to talk to them! ugh! I approached chico and delamar and told them "hey my sister wants to talk to you, she's an avid fan of yours!" so they talked to each other, my sister was really very happy! That was really embarrassing and one more thing I took a picture with them!

Anyway, back to the concert, it was really super fun. I almost dance to the songs even though I'm not good in dancing. I really enjoyed it except for the obnoxious brat little girl in front of me. She was so annoying! She constantly complains on everything!!! She said "It is very crowded here! argh!" then "Do they have chairs to sit on?!" "It is so noisy!" Omg I really wanted to hit her, she's getting on my nerves! But I am too kind to do that to a little girl. Even the people around her were so annoyed!

Then after the pcd bid goodbye, fireworks appeared on the skies! =) even though one of pcd's member (jessica) was not present, the show was still a amazing! =)

*darn! I was not able to bring my digicam because i came from an interview damn! huhu.. =( i just used my phone's camera...