Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Shopping! (Mega trade hall, Payless shoe source and Forever 21)

 What's up girls?

After gazillion years, I'm posting a blog again! lol. Oh well, I admit I've been busy lately and a bit lazy to post a new blog (sorry for that, no inspiration or exciting things to share that time!). Alright let's start this exciting shopping experience!

I think about last week, I saw at a newspaper that there will be a mega shoes and bags sale at SM Megamall's mega trade hall (crocs, cole haan, ipanema, nike, adidas, gola, samsonite, delsey, etc.), August 26-30, 2010. I was lemming on a pair of crocs wedge then that I've seen on their store.  It's too expensive though (2,800+k) so I was hoping that it will be included on the crocs' sale. So yesterday, my sister, mom and me went to SM Megamall to shop.

We arrived there at exactly 10am, so the parking was really not crowded yet. First, I went straight to crocs to see if the wedge I've been lemming for is there.

Unfortunately, it's not included on the sale items! The Sale items were a bit outdated. I think you cannot see those on their store already. There were cute crocs for kids on sale though.

After the disappointment, I searched right away for the ipanema items. People were racing to get as much ipanema items they can! The Ipanema thong slippers ranged from 400php to 500php while the sandals (gisele bundchen collection) were about 650php to 800php. I just bought one though because I will still buy a rubber shoes.

(Ipanema and Grendha on sale, up to 50% off)

(Cute Ipanema Slippers that I bought)

The last thing I bought was a rubber shoes for running since the sole of my current one is already ripped. I was choosing between the white nike rubber shoes or the black adidas.

(On left: black Adidas Right: white Nike rubber shoes)

I decided to buy the black Adidas for 2,446 pesos. It looks big in the picture but it's not, I promise! It looks spiderman-ish though! Actually, I often wear rubber shoes. I prefer wearing slippers and sandals so that my feet can breathe! I just bought this for fun runs and for jogging purposes. ;)

After shopping at the mega trade hall, we decided to eat first because it's lunch already and our stomachs were rumbling like nuts!

We went straight to Payless shoe source after that. The store just had their opening last August 27, 2010. The shoes are so nice yet affordable! What I like about their store is that the shoes are organized by size!

(On left: Kid's section; Right: Women's section)

(Left: socks and scarves Right: Accessories)

I love their line of flat shoes! They are sooooo cute! I bought a black flat shoes with a knot in the middle. I also saw a yellow striped flat shoes with a flower in the middle but unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it (it's a bit crowded inside the store!).

 (Lower East Side black flat shoes - 995php)

Next stop, Forever21. The store is soooo BIG and unfortunately VERY crowded! My friend told me that It's always crowded there every weekend (so maybe I'll probably go back on a weekday??). The items they are selling are all gorgeous and cute! The only problem is that, because the store is so huge, I haven't had the chance to go around and check each of the enormous collections of clothes. These are some pictures of clothes and accessories.



I know, pictures are too many. lol. So there you go! This was a tiring but fulfilling experience. My advice, go to SM Megamall at exactly 10am (which is the mall's opening) so that you can avoid the traffic and you can park easily.

Have you also gone to the mega trade sale?
How about Payless shoe source?
Or Forever21?

I would love to know your experience!


April =)