Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cutex's indie glow

Hi everyone! I have already applied cutex's indie glow nail polish yesterday. The outcome is really great! The color is like purplish gray and as expected, I am loving it. It does not chip off thanks to Sally Hansen's top and base coat, it's really surprising. As what I've said, I am loving metallics so I hope I can find another one. Anyway, Let's see if it will not chip off after a week or so then I'll blog it. xoxo =*

Applied with two coats

Applied with one coat

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cutex and sally hansen

Happy Valentine's day, Single awareness day and Chinese new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai for my Chinese friends! Anyway, I celebrated yesterday with my family and relatives in my grandpa's town because it was "fiesta". Scrumptious foods were served so I was pigging out yesterday haha! As a result, I think I have diarrhea, eew gross! 

People were dancing on the streets with St. Martha's image; It was really crowded and literally hot inside the church. Oh by the way, I can feel the summer heat this early (its just February) and the weather here is really weird. When I wake up in the morning, it's breezy then at around 10 am it's getting freaking hot! Just yesterday, I thought it was 40 degrees Celsius but I haven't checked the temperature so I don't know :p What I know is that I had a headache yesterday!

Okay so let's go now to what this blog is really all about. I just bought Cutex's indie glow nail polish and Sally Hansen's base and top coat yesterday. I just saw this cutex nail polish so I think it's a new brand. I don't know if it is sold internationally because it is manufactured in here in the Philippines. I am excited to use it because the color is like glitterish gray! I am currently in love with metallic nail polish colors, maybe because it's a trend today?? or what?? haha I really don't know but I'm loving it.

So I will be trying cutex's indie glow nail polish and sally hansen's base & top coat today and I will post another blog after a week or so for the review of those products. So watch out for my next blog! xoxo =*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nail Polish brands

Okay so I want to try different brands of nail polish. I need to buy these brands for a review:
  1. China Glaze – which is so popular today.
  2. Orly
  3. Zoya
  4. Essie
  5. Misa
  6. MAC
  7. Chanel
  8. YSL
  9. Nars
  10. Dior
  11. Revlon
I already bought O.P.I in Russian Navy last week. So I’ll be doing a review probably next week. =)

L.A. colors nail polish

Good Afternoon here! Sorry for the 2 months of not blogging, well here I am alive and very well! I have been a bit busy for some things like those and that. :p Anyway, as you have noticed, I changed the name of my site to vanityforbeauty. There's a reason for that.. drum roll....From now on, I will be doing reviews, tips, suggestions and recommendations about beauty products especially nail polishes. You can also send me a message if you have questions or if you like me to do review on a specific product. Okay then, let's start!

For those of you who does not know, I am really a freak on nail polish. Even my sister loves nail polish. We always buy new colors (even the bright ones!) I think every week so as to satisfy our addiction for nail polish! But f.y.i., we use every nail polish we bought so we're not just buying it to display it or let it chunk there. If you're wondering if our nails get yellowish because of constantly using nail polish, the answer is yes. Before, I don't use base coat and treatments for my nails. As a result, my nails got yellowish after 3 weeks of constantly having nail polish on. After learning that I need to use base coats and treatments, it reduced the yellowish of my nails. But what I suggest is to occasionally rest your nails from putting nail polishes to prevent chipping and yellowish nails.

Okay let's start now. Just last week, I purchased L.A. colors nail polish. This is my first time to use this brand because I always use Caronia and Bobbie before which you can only buy here in the Philippines I suppose. But I will not recommend it since those products rapidly chips off. So now, what I have on my finger and toe nails is the new collection of L.A. colors --color craze. I bought the color Phenomena NP423.

The bottle color is like pinkish-purple but if you put it on your nails, it's darker (well I applied two coats because it looks like paint with just one coat). This color will look great for those who have fair complexion but I suppose it will also look good for those who are tanned-skin. I believe dark-colored nail polish will look good on any complexion. I had this on for about 1 week and 3 days. It doesn't chip off that fast and it dries quickly!  It also has a high gloss formula that is sure to strengthen & harden nails. You must apply at least two coats for an evenly covering. And by the way, the price is really cheap. It's 60 pesos here in manila, so it's about 1.26 USD.

To cap it off, I will really recommend this brand (L.A. Colors) for those who want a chip resistant, high gloss formula, strengthening, hardening and long-lasting nail polish. =)