Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer Spf 20

Heya Beautiful Ladies!

Just yesterday, I have decided to buy Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer which I was eyeing for a long time! Back then, when I bought my clinique face powder at rustan's makati, I also checked out Laura Mercier's to ask the price of their best selling tinted moisturizer. I don't know if I heard the sales lady wrong, but I heard she said that it's 800php. So I was really surprised because I thought it was 2k plus since it costs 42usd at Laura Mercier's us website.

So when I got back yesterday (since it was payday last friday), I went to Laura Mercier's at rustan's makati and asked the price again since I am really decided to buy it (well, i thought it was just 800php!!!). Then when I got there, I've found out that it's real price is P1,850.00 (holy cow! That sales lady is dead to me!!! Or maybe I was just deaf?!). Anyway, since I really wanted to try it, I ended up buying it. So here's a quick review of it.

(Classy packaging)

 (My Shade: Nude)

 (do you see that?! It evens out my skintone!)

 Product Name: Laura Mercier's Oil-free tinted moisturizer spf20
Shade: Nude
Other shades: Porcelain, Bisque, Sand, Fawn, Tan and Almond
Weight: 50mL
Purchased from: Laura Mercier, rustan's makati
Current Price: P1,850.00

Product Description:
Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer is a sheer, lightweight, buildable foundation that can be worn by all skin types but especially those with acne prone, sensitive or oily skin.
In Style Best Beauty Buy - Best Tinted Moisturizer - April 2008

*evens-out skintone
*mistake proof application
*it makes my face looks really smooth
*long wearing (my face didn't get oily the whole day)
*not greasy
*with spf20
*classy-looking packaging

*expensive for everyday use!

My Verdict:
I am so in-love with this product so I highly recommend this one even for asians like me! It makes my skin looks smooth and it evens out my skintone (since I have spider veins on my face). It also has an spf20 for those who are always exposed to the rays of sun. It's kinda expensive but it's definitely worth buying! =D

So for bloggers who are already using this product,
please let me know your feedback!
Til next time, bye for now!!!



  1. great product reviews:)
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  2. @vnikali - thanks sis! will check out your blog =)