Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VO5 Extreme Style Heat Defense Conditioning Spray

I recently bought VO5's extreme style heat defense conditioning spray since I am a subbie of various fashion gurus in youtube. Before, I didn't know that you need to apply something on your hair before you blow-dry or iron it! But surfing youtube really helped me a lot to learn more about styling and make-up.
At first, I was eyeing for the CHI thermal protection or tresemme's thermal creations heat tamer spray since the youtube gurus are using these products, but then I cannot find any of these on the stores here. Instead, I just bought VO5's heat defense spray (Actually, I was choosing between Citre shine's and VO5's but then Citre shine is a bit expensive for me to try on). I haven't used my VO5 yet for blow-drying and ironing but I use this whenever I go out the house because as you know, the weather here in the Philippines is extremely warm and the sun is scorching my hair! I use this after taking a bath, when my hair is still damp. And believe it or not, this product is awesome!!! My hair is soft and smooth the whole day after spraying it on my hair. It smells great and it's not clammy at all. If I don't apply this on my hair, it will definitely look spongy =/

In general, I really love this product and will definitely recommend it to all of you. It's a great product and will not cost you a lot (just bought it for 204 php or 4 dollars). =)


  1. saan naman po puedeng mabili ito? please gusto ko lang po malaman..since i'm starting using blow-dry and flatiron, im still searching for heat protectant para ndi masira hair q,,wala kasi akong idea saan mabibili mga ganyang products? please pa-help po..thanks a lot in advance :)

  2. As far as I can remember, I bought this at watson's. But this post was last year, not sure if they still have this though.

  3. WHERE na WATSON's po!?

  4. @anonymous- sa SM i think but I've checked there recently, hindi na siya available e.