Saturday, April 3, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

Just so you know, I am so in love with frozen yogurt. Thanks to my sister, who introduced me to red mango. What is frozen yogurt? According to mr. wiki (as in wikipedia), frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made from, or containing yogurt or other dairy products. It is slightly more tart than ice cream, as well as lower in fat (due to the use of pure milk instead of cream).

Okay, so I was curious then about frozen yogurts because it is really getting popular here. On my first taste, I was like "Oh, it's sour!" but then I remembered that yogurts are really sour (how silly is that?!) But it gets delightful in my taste as I gradually eat it. And the result, I got addicted to it! I always see to it that I eat frozen yogurt every time I go to the mall. I even buy the largest cup, that's how addicted I am! I always put mango, banana cereals(?) and peach as my toppings on a vanilla frozen yogurt.

I can say that froyo is a healthier alternative to ice cream since it is non-fat. You can also snack on it whenever you feel your hungry since it's healthier rather than snack on junk foods or ice creams. I have already tried eating froyo at different retailers but the best one that I have tasted is from red mango and lulu belle. Red Mango's froyo is of course sour and a bit sweet while lulu belle's is sour and a little bland (because I don't want a too sweet froyo). I am also planning to buy a pint or gallon of frozen yogurt (I would really love to stock some froyo in our freezer!) but I don't know where to buy. Anyway, I'll try to find stores that sell a pint or gallon of froyo just to satisfy my daily cravings of i and for a healthier way of eating!

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