Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clinique Beauty Event

Hello Beauties! I know it has been long since I posted a blog, and I apologize about that :) Been caught up with work load!

So here we go...

Last week, I was browsing my favorite beauty bloggers blog and stumbled upon Shen's Clinique party post. It says there that she was contacted by Clinique to invite her followers and beauty bloggers as well to come for a one day beauty event with them; to talk about skin care, make up and everything related to skin. Shen's way of inviting was the first 12 girls to post their comments about their skin and why do they wish to be included in the party. So I commented right away because I would really want to join the party and talk and know more about skin care.

After 1 week, I received an e-mail from Shen inviting me to her Clinique party! I was very excited since that was my very first time to attend a beauty event.

So there, Saturday, August 20, 2011 came. I still went to the office in the morning to do some errands (interview of an applicant with our US team) then went home at around 10:30am. I took a nap first so that I will not feel very tired at the beauty event. Guess what? I woke up late!!! Oh well, I woke up at 1:00pm and I only had 30mins. to prepare! So I prep myself quickly and good thing dad take me to rustan's :) I was running late, arrived there at 2:10pm. Most of the girls were already there and actually I was a bit shy at first. Lol.

Shen saw me and greeted me warmly (She was so nice and accommodating) and introduced me to Mira of Clinique Philippines. She's accommodating as well and pretty! Eventually, I already talked to the girls invited to the event as well (there comes my talkative part!). We share skin care tips, make ups, and everything about beauty! We also had our skin consultation with Clinique's skin care specialists, Dindin and Malou and also our Make overs!

We also took a lot of pictures (I mean them because I didn't bring my digicam -_-) and pictures again. Lol! So there it was really an amazing experience knowing about your skin and also making some new friends!

Thanks again to Shen and to the Clinique Philippines! :)

Here are some pictures I took from the event:

Make up by Dindin :)

Loot bag from Clinique PH
(from left: derma white city block anti-pollution,
take the day off make up remover, lash power mascara)

A pretty bracelet souvenir from Shen :)


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