Monday, February 15, 2010

Cutex and sally hansen

Happy Valentine's day, Single awareness day and Chinese new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai for my Chinese friends! Anyway, I celebrated yesterday with my family and relatives in my grandpa's town because it was "fiesta". Scrumptious foods were served so I was pigging out yesterday haha! As a result, I think I have diarrhea, eew gross! 

People were dancing on the streets with St. Martha's image; It was really crowded and literally hot inside the church. Oh by the way, I can feel the summer heat this early (its just February) and the weather here is really weird. When I wake up in the morning, it's breezy then at around 10 am it's getting freaking hot! Just yesterday, I thought it was 40 degrees Celsius but I haven't checked the temperature so I don't know :p What I know is that I had a headache yesterday!

Okay so let's go now to what this blog is really all about. I just bought Cutex's indie glow nail polish and Sally Hansen's base and top coat yesterday. I just saw this cutex nail polish so I think it's a new brand. I don't know if it is sold internationally because it is manufactured in here in the Philippines. I am excited to use it because the color is like glitterish gray! I am currently in love with metallic nail polish colors, maybe because it's a trend today?? or what?? haha I really don't know but I'm loving it.

So I will be trying cutex's indie glow nail polish and sally hansen's base & top coat today and I will post another blog after a week or so for the review of those products. So watch out for my next blog! xoxo =*

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