Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bead Shops

Last Thursday, October 29, 2009, My mom and I went to Divisoria to buy beading materials for my online business. We arrived there at around 12pm and ate first before harassing ourselves in the crowded divisoria. Surprisingly, it was not that crowded, maybe because it was weekday and It's not that hot that day, it was sunny but it's windy so it's okay, I didn't get sweaty and sticky. We went first to 168 mall, actually we really don't know if there are shops there selling beading materials. Unfortunately, there's just one shop there that sell seed beads but it's really expensive like 3 pesos per pearl bead! The seller told us that what they are selling are swarovski crystals that's why it is expensive. Anyway, at first I didn't understood the pricing, I have already bought it when I understood the pricing, argh! I bought 150 pieces of pearls, so that is 450 pesos, effing s! After that we ask some sellers there on where they get their beading materials, i just did a little chikahan with the filipino seller, then she spilled-out the place on where they are getting their materials! Hah!

She said "ah, doon sa may ilalim ng KP Tower kami kumukuha ng mga beads" after that we headed straight to that tower. At first, the place was really dull, as in like, where's the beading shop here?! And then we kept walking then there it is! Actually, I really don't know what to buy, I just trusted my instincts. After a half-day walking and searching for beading shops, we decided to go home. We rode the new train of PNR (their trains before was really "bulok" but it was rehabilitated so the trains now are air conditioned and brand new!), it was very very slow, we were like just touring! but we made it home at around 6pm. We were not that very tired and it was really nice to go to divisoria on weekdays!!!

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